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Reliable loading docks make it easier for businesses to load large shipments into trucks as well as unload incoming orders. It is important to keep loading docks clean for appearance reasons and also to ensure the safety of workers.

Loading Dock Cleaning. Why Its Important

Loading docks that are not clean can often lead to hazardous work conditions. Debris, trash and other unnecessary items that are left on loading docks can cause workers to trip and seriously injure themselves. Dirt and grime left behind on loading docks can result in a slippery surface. These unsanitary conditions become exceedingly dangerous when workers are carrying heavy loads to and from trucks.

Businesses should also keep their loading docks clean in order to give off a more professional appearance. Potential clients who see unclean loading docks may be turned off from doing business with a particular company.

J&L Professional Services offers loading dock cleaning services to businesses that are based in Raleigh, NC.

Dumpster pads are an ubiquitous sight near many places of business. They are crucial for the disposal of trash and other waste. Of course, this type of use can lead to dumpster pads that are extremely unsightly and dirty. Not only should dumpster pads be cleaned frequently for aesthetic reasons, they also must be thoroughly sanitized to prevent infestation by bacteria, rats, and other pests.

Clean your Dumpster Pad

J&L Professional Services will make sure that your dumpster pad is as clean as possible. They are eager to help stores, restaurants, gas stations, office buildings, and any other type of establishment. We have been the headquarters for power washing in Raleigh, North Carolina, for over fifteen years. Our expert professional watchers will make sure to eliminate all grime, dirt, and any other hazardous material. They will also expunge any foul odors that are emanating from the dumpster pad.

J&L Professional Services has excellent customer satisfaction ratings. IF a client is not completely satisfied with the cleaning, J&L Professional Services technicians will return promptly and do whatever it takes to finish the job. They also emphasize giving their customers great deals. Clients won’t be blindsided by a bill when they hire us. A free written estimate is provided so that they know exactly what the cost is before the pressure washing begins.

J&L Professional Services is a family owned business that truly cares about its customers. It has a long and proud tradition of serving the citizens of Raleigh. No other company has customer satisfaction ratings as high as ARC Powerwashing.

commercial powerwashing


Summer is a prime season for shopping. When the weather is warm and the sun is shining brightly, people enjoy getting out of the house. Where do many people tend to go? One place they go is to shopping centers and malls.

It’s great for business that your shopping center is attracting large crowds of people. However, crowds often require additional cleaning services to keep your shopping center clean.

People aren’t just going to the shopping center to sit around in front of the stores. They also eat, drink, spill beverages, spit out gum, drop food and leave dirt from their shoes on the concrete.

ARC Power Washing is a premier cleaning company with years of experience and high customer ratings. Our services include shopping center pressure washing that uses biodegradable detergents to keep your shopping center walkways free of dirt, grit and grime.

Got gum on your concrete? No problem. Have an oil stain caused an unsightly mess on your concrete? We can handle that too.

ARC Power Washing uses only environmentally safe detergents that are gentle on your concrete. Dirt is cleaned away instantly, and a clean environment will attract more customers.

As a bonus to our customers, we provide free estimates and most jobs can be performed after the shopping center is closed. Call us today, and we can make your concrete look new again.

People Traffic-Commercial Claening

People Traffic-Commercial ClaeningPeople traffic, also known as pedestrian traffic, is when pedestrians walk through public and private spaces throughout the day. Although people need to get from one place to another, if you are a commercial property owner, pedestrian traffic may damage your property value.

For example, heavy people traffic may cause erosion and wear-and-tear on the sidewalks in front of your commercial property. Pedestrians may throw garbage or spread dirt around your commercial property, making your commercial property looking dirty. As time goes by, your common spaces and sidewalks may be damaged and become dirty. As a result of these eyesores, new customers may avoid your commercial property and existing customers may be dissatisfied with the property’s appearance.

Hiring ARC Power Washing can take care of your people traffic issues. The tools at ARC Power Washing are able to clean away the dirt, damage, and other unsightly issues that are the result of people traffic. Much of the damage from people traffic can be washed away thanks to the services provided by ARC Power Washing. Our washers and techniques can make your public spaces look brand new, enticing new customers and making existing customers happy with the space. You might not be able to stop the people traffic through your commercial property, but you can stop the damages caused by people traffic with the help of ARC Power Washing.

Concrete Cleaning Raleigh NCConcrete is a common material used in areas throughout the exterior of the home. For example, concrete may be used on your driveway, patio or sidewalks. This is a highly durable material that can provide you with years of use, but it also unfortunately is prone to becoming dirty and even stained over time. Stains can ultimately detract from your home’s curb appeal and can cause your home to look dirty and dingy. Understanding how to remove concrete stains is critical to maintaining the look of your home.

Common Types of Stains

Before you begin reviewing the options for concrete cleaning, it is important to understand what some of the most common types of stains are. Oil and grease stains on the driveway are common as cars parked on the driveway may have small leaks. Trees and bushes that are located close to the concrete areas may drop berries and other debris that can stain the surfaces. Rust stains may be present if you have stored a metal object on the surface for a period of time. In addition, mold and mildew growth as well as stains from ground-in dirt can affect the appearance of your concrete.

Different Options for Cleaning Concrete

As a homeowner, you may be looking for the most cost-effective way to thoroughly remove the stains. Hiring a professional to pressure wash your concrete is the ideal way to clean concrete. Pressure washing utilizes pressurized streams of water directed at the surface of the concrete to remove stains with ease. Keep in mind that because this is such a highly effective way to clean concrete, it may be best to plan on cleaning all surfaces at the same time. This is because pressure washing can restore concrete to like-new condition, and washing only one section of the concrete can make other areas stand out because of their uncleanliness. If your home’s concrete surfaces are dirty and stained, call or contact J&L Professional Services today to for your free concrete cleaning estimate!

Exterior Building Pressure Washing Raleigh NCEveryone knows that first impressions make a difference. People often judge a business based on its outward appearance. That is why it is important to have commercial pressure washing services. Pressure washing blasts away dirt and grime that can accumulate on buildings. It revitalizes the exterior appearance of everything from brick and stucco to vinyl and concrete. Give the best impression and attract more business by hiring a commercial pressure washing team. Get exterior building cleaning from the experts today and see the difference for yourself.

Exterior Pressure Washing Improves Appearance

It is an unfortunate truth that people judge just based on appearance. A building and surrounding area that is covered in dust, dirt or even grease makes it hard to get noticed. A business can have a lot of potential but customers or investors may go somewhere else. Give the best impression every time with commercial pressure washing services. It can clean just about any material quickly and easily. It does no harm to the underlying material but destroys dirt fast. Your customers are attracted to clean surroundings. It shows that you care and have valuable services to offer them. Provide a professional and inviting atmosphere with exterior pressure washing right away.

Raleigh’s Pressure Washing Specialist

At ARC Powerwashing, we know just what to do to get any building looking its best. Pressure washing can even clean windows and hard-to-reach places. It does not take long for the environment to pile dirt and grime onto a building. Sometimes a business contributes to some of this accumulation. The source of the problem does not matter. The solution is exterior pressure washing from the professionals. Regular pressure washing keeps any building looking great throughout the year. There is nothing to risk and everything to gain with ARC Powerwashing! Call or contact us today for your free estimate!

Raleigh NC Awning Cleaning

Raleigh NC Awning CleaningThe awnings you hang outside of your front door are as much a part of your business structure as the building itself.  Awnings have a way of welcoming and guiding a customer to your business. Because of their prominence, awnings are readily seen by all and their condition is a reflection on your business. Dirty or neglected awnings reflect badly on your business and can even make it look like you are no longer in business. Fortunately having your commercial awnings cleaned does not have to be a stressful event. Rather than waiting for your awnings to turn black with grime and stains, a program of regularly scheduled awning cleaning and maintenance will not only make the job easier to do, but also make your awnings last longer.

When Is The Right Time?

Much like you proactively wash your clothing even if it is not stained, you want to have your awnings washed in regular intervals even if they show little or no grime buildup and staining. Why? The fabric in your awnings has a protective waterproofing layer that protects the awning fabric from the harsh elements. This is why water beads up and rolls off of brand new awnings. Over time and exposure to the elements this protective layer erodes away and leaves the fabric susceptible to water, dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings and other contaminants. An easy way to tell if your awnings still have this protective barrier is to spray some water on them. If it rolls right off then you are okay, but if it soaks right in to the fabric then the protective coating on your awnings has completely eroded away. When you have your awnings professionally cleaned and treated the protective coating is restored which allows your awnings to last much longer.

J&L Professional Services – Your Local Awning Cleaning Expert

There is no doubt that hiring a pressure washer to clean your awnings can save you time and potentially a lot of money. If you are looking into having your awnings cleaned or would simply like more information about awning cleaning, contact J&L Professional Services today. With more than 15 years cleaning awnings, J&L Professional Services has the experience and tools to make your awnings look like new. Call or contact J&L Professional Services today to schedule your awning cleaning service!

J&L Professional Services on the cover

So you have heard all about the benefits of pressure washing. How nothing can clean as efficiently, or how pressure washing can restore you concrete or wood deck surfaces. You have heard how pressure washing can remove mold and mildew. You even know that pressure washing can even save you money in the long run by preventing the premature breakdown of the building materials in your home or commercial building. So you open the phone book and there are literally hundreds of pressure washing contractors to choose from, how do you select the best pressure washer for your job?


From time to time you see new pressure washing companies run special advertisements. The deals look great but consider this, pressure washing at it’s core is the process of shooting water out of a hose at velocities high enough to chip concrete in some cases. Who do you want aiming that wand at your home or business? Someone in their first week (or worse, first day) or someone who has years of experience and understands the subtle yet substantial differences between surface types and is versed in the many different techniques to clean different stains from different surfaces?


When selecting a pressure washing contractor it is always good practice to look for testimonials from past customers. Testimonials are a great way to get a feel for how the company performs and treats its customers. Testimonials can be found on the pressure washing contractors’ website, community applications such as Yelp! and Google Places and even the Better Business Bureau.Of course, national publications are also a great way to learn about a pressure washing company. If a local pressure washing company is featured in a national magazine then their work is likely to be very good.

ARC Power Washing – Experience, Reliable, Reputable

J&L Professional Services has been serving the Knightdale NC / Triangle area for over 15 years. We are proud that many of our customers are repeat clients. We invite you to peruse our website and read our testimonials. J&L Professional Services is also proud to announce that we have been selected to be on the front cover of the July 2012 eClean Magazine, a national publication geared towards other professional contract cleaners. Call or contact J&L Professional Services today to request your free estimate and see for yourself why so many are talking about ARC Powerwashing! (919) 889-0733.

Benefits of Pressure WashingMost business owners understand how a pressure washer can help their property look it’s best. After all, pressure washing has the unique ability to remove even the toughest grime in a very short time frame. It is especially effective on surfaces that hand scrubbing cannot clean as well such as parking lots, sidewalks, awnings, and building facades. But pressure washing does just more than clean. Pressure washing directly contributes to the all-important first impression that a customer will form about a business.

Enhancing Visual Appeal

Most consumers readily admit that visual appeal feeds into a positive impression which can then stimulate interest in a business. Consider how just these two areas around your business affect customer impressions:

  1. Exterior Walls – If the exterior walls around your building are dirty your building itself could portray the image of a dull or unsanitary location. Paint and brightly colored awnings, once vibrant, now look muted and do not attract customers. Pressure washing these areas not only removes the dirt and restores colors but it also helps maintain these surfaces so they can last as long as possible, avoiding the need to replace or repaint.
  2. Sidewalks & Parking Lots – These are frequently the most heavily trafficked area of any business (and often cleaned the least). It is precisely because these areas are so heavily used by your customers that they should be power washed more frequently. As your customers park and walk up to your front door these areas have a direct influence on your customers impression of the business. Do oil stains, chewing gum, and tobacco spit really portray the message you want to portray about your business?

A Lasting Impression

Creating a good and lasting first impression of your business is something that every business owner wants to accomplish. Just these two aspects of regular commercial pressure washing service that we discussed here will greatly contribute to a good first impression and enhance your business in the eyes of the customer. With so much on the line it is important that you do not trust your businesses image to just any pressure washing company. Demand the best. ARC Power Washing has been wowing customers for over 15 years and our testimonials speak for themselves. Call or contact us today for your free estimate! (919) 889-0733

Our Commercial Pressure Washing Services Include:

  • Remove gum, grease, or other unsightly substances from sidewalks or entrances
  • Remove stains from buildings, signage, and Awning Cleaning
  • Clean greasy, dirty dumpster areas
  • Entryway Cleaning
  • Parking lot Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Walkway Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Building Cleaning
  • Drive-Thru Cleaning
  • Stairwell Cleaning

If you have been following the events down in Florida this past week then likely you have seen images of tropical storm Debby. This tropical storm, moving very slowly across the peninsula, has dropped upwards of 20 inches of rain in less than three days causing major flooding in some parts of Florida. After the storm moves away and the water starts receding the cleanup will begin. Keep Your Home Clean After The StormDirt and sludge, carried about by the water and high winds are everywhere, on the sides of homes, buildings, and all over driveways and sidewalks. How does one even begin to cleanup?

A Perfect Environment

As we saw from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, prompt cleanup is essential to preventing an onslaught of mold, mildew, fungus and the sicknesses they cause. Dirt, having been carried about by the water and deposited against a home or on a driveway, becomes lodged deep in surfaces by the high winds. There the moisture from the rain also becomes trapped. As the sun heats up the surface, spores in the dirt multiply rapidly, it is a perfect environment for them. Soon driveway, sidewalks even entire homes are covered in mold and are uninhabitable. While pressure washing would not have been practical after an event like Hurricane Katrina it is very practical after a tropical storm such as the one that just occurred in Florida. Having your home or business pressure washed after a major rain event is the perfect way to ensure that you won’t have mold or mildew growing on your exterior surfaces. Only a professional pressure washing expert has the tools and experience needed to deep clean your home or business and remove the trapped in spores before they have a chance to take over.

J&L Professional Services – Here When You Need Us

Raleigh, NC is no stranger to these types of storms. If you have lived in Raleigh for any amount of time then you know that cleaning up after a major storm can be labor intensive. J&L Professional Services has been helping Raleigh residents clean up after storms for over 15 years. Our residential and commercial pressure washing service not only cleans your property but helps protect it from unwanted contaminants such as mold and mildew. Whether you are cleaning up after a major storm or just need a routine cleaning, call or contact J&L Professional Services today to experience the benefits of professional pressure washing for yourself!

Awnings, be it on a commercial building or a home, can make a huge difference on the property it is attached to. When done right, awnings can take a regular window space and transform it a cozy inviting setting. Besides the fact that they add a touch of style to a home or professionalism to a business they also serve practical purposes. Awning Before ARC PowerwashingAwnings can keep the blistering mid-day sun from shining directly through your window (which in turn, keeps your a/c bill down), they also serve as shelter for customers waiting in the rain to be picked up. Because of the material they are made of and their direct exposure to the elements, awnings can become very dirty very quickly!

From Eye Appeal To Eye Sore

Awning After ARC PowerwashingIf you own awnings then you already know that without the proper care and cleaning your awnings will go from fab to drab in no time.  Being directly exposed to the elements and the weather age your awnings quicker than anything. Awnings can accumulate a type of dirty grime that almost laminates them and without the proper awning cleaning these film deposits are nearly impossible to remove. Regularly pressure washing you awnings is the only efficient answer to removing these deposits and preventing new ones from occurring.

Pressure Washing Your Awnings

Cleaning your own awnings (especially after these deposits have started to take hold) can be a nearly impossible task. The proper tools and attachments need to be determined, as well as the proper detergents. The selection of these is dependent on the material your awnings are made from. Make the wrong selection and you may damage or even destroy your own awnings. For that reason awning cleaning, both residential and commercial, is best left to the pros.

J&L Professional Services – Your Local Awning Cleaning Expert

There is no doubt that hiring a pressure washer to clean your awnings can save you time and potential a lot of money. If you are looking into having your awnings cleaned or would simply like more information about awning cleaning, contact J&L Professional Services today. With more than 15 years cleaning awnings, J&L Professional Services has the experience and tools to make your awnings look like new. Call or contact J&L Professional Services today to schedule your awning cleaning service!

Newspaper headlines today seem to be pointing towards a recovery of the economy. However, in speaking to most people (especially business owners) they seem to feel the opposite is happening. No matter what side of the fence you fall on one – recovery or recession – one thing is for certain, this has been one of the hardest economic cycles in our lifetime. Sidewalk Full Of BubbleGumDuring tough economic times it is important for businesses to be mindful of every dollar spent and to prevent unnecessary expenditures in order to stay afloat. Pressure washing your storefront or commercial building is one of the most beneficial things a business owner can do, here’s why.

Customers Won’t Shop At A Dirty Store

When was the last time you, as a consumer went into a business that, on the outside, looked dirty? As a rule most people will avoid an establishment that appears to be a state of disrepair, especially if a similar establishment is nearby and clean. Pressure washing your storefront or commercial property allows your business to put forth a professional appearance. It tells your customers that you care about your business and want them to have a pleasant experience! There are no two ways about it, a nice clean outside makes for an inviting place to do business inside. Because pressure washing the outside of your store can lead to more walk-in traffic and in theory more sales, pressure washing is an investment that often provides a significant return on investment!

Avoiding Costly Repairs

In tough economic times avoiding a costly structural repair could mean the difference between staying in business and going out of business. Pressure cleaning your commercial property on a regular basis prevents a buildup of dirt, grime, and mold. This is important for more than aesthetic reasons, over time dirt and mold can actually degrade the building materials of your commercial property leading to expensive repairs that subtract from the profitability of the business!

J&L Professional Services – Experienced, Professional, Efficient

Pressure washing is a safe, clean and fiscally efficient way to maintain the exterior of your business. So why choose ARC Powerwashing? J&L Professional Services uses state of the art equipment and time tested techniques, along with environmentally friendly products, to make your storefront or commercial property look its absolute best. We do all this with your satisfaction in mind. Our years of experience and powerful testimonials speak for themselves. Contact us or give us a call today and find out why so many business owners in the Raleigh area turn to ARC Powerwashing! (919) 889-0733

Our Commercial Pressure Washing Services Include:

  • Remove gum, grease, or other unsightly substances from sidewalks or entrances
  • Remove stains from buildings, signage, and Awning Cleaning
  • Clean greasy, dirty dumpster areas
  • Entryway Cleaning
  • Parking lot Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Walkway Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Building Cleaning
  • Drive-Thru Cleaning
  • Stairwell Cleaning

If you are like me you may have seen websites or read articles that refer to either pressure washing, pressure cleaning or power washing.Pressure Washing Power Washing Pressure Cleaning Since they all seem to be referring to the same service what is the correct term to use? It is a good question! At J&L Professional Services we have been cleaning homes and businesses in the Raleigh area for over 15 years and we have heard all three terms.

Tomato, TomAto

All the terms really mean the same thing. They refer to the act of using water (at low or high pressure) along with detergents to restore a surface to its originally clean condition. Since water comes out at high pressure, a pressure washer in the wrong hands can cause a lot of damage. Even concrete surfaces can be scored by an inexperienced pressure washer.

It’s All About Experience

The current state of the economy has led to many people entering the pressure cleaning industry hoping to make a quick buck. Be careful who you hire. Whether they call themselves a pressure washer, power washer or pressure cleaner many of these new pressure washers are inexperienced and uninsured. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions, as stated previously an inexperienced pressure washer can literally cause thousands of dollars in damages.

Go With The Pros!

People in the Raleigh area have been using ARC Power Washing to clean their homes and businesses for years. Our long list of satisfied customers speaks for itself! If you live in the Raleigh / Triangle area and would like more information about pressure washing your home or commercial property contact us today for your free estimate!

It’s hard to miss a professional pressure washer when you are driving down the street. Usually they have truck or flatbed pulling a tank, a bunch of houses and some cleaner. Most people think they know what pressure washing is, water coming out of a hose real fast. Something you could recreate at Pressure Washing Can Achieve Deep Cleaning On Concretehome with a pressure washing unit purchased from your local home improvement store.  However, there is so much more to professional pressure washing. Consider a few points.

Deep Cleaning

It is true that pressure washing involves water coming out of a wand or hose at a high pressure to clean a surface. Professional pressure washers use a grade of equipment that cannot be purchased at your local store. This equipment can achieve pressures far greater than a consumer grade pressure unit. This allows the water to penetrate much deeper into the surface and clean far more thoroughly. In the hands of a novice, the pressure from these units is great enough to damage any surface. In the hands of a professional, these units can make your concrete driveway, sidewalk or deck look like new!

Cleaning Aids

A professional pressure washer, or power washer if you will, knows that there are many different tools to clean the many different surfaces that exist. A good, quality pressure washer will also use a low pressure system combined with cleaning agents that give your home or siding that “just out of the box” appearance. The absolute best pressure washer will also care about the environment around your home and will use on environmentally friendly cleaning agents. This is the ARC Power Washing difference!

Pressure Washing – Maintenance You Shouldn’t Do Without

When driving through a neighborhood it is easy to spot the homes that are well taken care of. These homes almost always enjoy the benefits of a regular pressure washing routine. Pressure washing your home, driveway and sidewalks remove molds and fungus that traditional cleaning simply cannot, house paint becomes brighter, driveways and sidewalks are whiter! ARC Power Washing has been serving the Raleigh / Triangle area for over 15 years. Your total satisfaction is our goal! Call ARC Power Washing today! (919) 889-0733.

Many commercial buildings, including retail storefronts, restaurant patios, and real estate showcases have the wonderful addition of a vinyl or fabric awning.  Awnings are a wonderful addition to commercial buildings.

The Problem
Awnings weather easily.  Within 6-8 months, a new awning can accumulate blackish streaks from dirt, debris and acid rain.  For southern areas like Wake Forest, pollen also presents a terrible looking problem.  Once these pollutants get embedded into your awning, it may be difficult or impossible to remove.

The Solution
J&L Professional Services has been washing awnings around Raleigh / Triangle area for over 5 years.  We have been seen from Cameron Village to Southgate Mall scrubbing awnings of all types.  Our arduous hand-scrubbing technique and awning specific detergent has been providing quality results around the Triangle.

Awning Cleaning Raleigh NC

How To Make It Last
In order to maintain the professional appearance of your awning, as well as protect it’s life-expectancy, we recommend having your commercial awnings cleaned twice a year.  Spring and Fall are great seasons to have your awnings cleaned, right after the seasonal pollen has washed thru.