Raleigh NC Awning CleaningThe awnings you hang outside of your front door are as much a part of your business structure as the building itself.  Awnings have a way of welcoming and guiding a customer to your business. Because of their prominence, awnings are readily seen by all and their condition is a reflection on your business. Dirty or neglected awnings reflect badly on your business and can even make it look like you are no longer in business. Fortunately having your commercial awnings cleaned does not have to be a stressful event. Rather than waiting for your awnings to turn black with grime and stains, a program of regularly scheduled awning cleaning and maintenance will not only make the job easier to do, but also make your awnings last longer.

When Is The Right Time?

Much like you proactively wash your clothing even if it is not stained, you want to have your awnings washed in regular intervals even if they show little or no grime buildup and staining. Why? The fabric in your awnings has a protective waterproofing layer that protects the awning fabric from the harsh elements. This is why water beads up and rolls off of brand new awnings. Over time and exposure to the elements this protective layer erodes away and leaves the fabric susceptible to water, dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings and other contaminants. An easy way to tell if your awnings still have this protective barrier is to spray some water on them. If it rolls right off then you are okay, but if it soaks right in to the fabric then the protective coating on your awnings has completely eroded away. When you have your awnings professionally cleaned and treated the protective coating is restored which allows your awnings to last much longer.

J&L Professional Services – Your Local Awning Cleaning Expert

There is no doubt that hiring a pressure washer to clean your awnings can save you time and potentially a lot of money. If you are looking into having your awnings cleaned or would simply like more information about awning cleaning, contact J&L Professional Services today. With more than 15 years cleaning awnings, J&L Professional Services has the experience and tools to make your awnings look like new. Call or contact J&L Professional Services today to schedule your awning cleaning service!

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