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Raleigh NC Awning Cleaning

Raleigh NC Awning CleaningThe awnings you hang outside of your front door are as much a part of your business structure as the building itself.  Awnings have a way of welcoming and guiding a customer to your business. Because of their prominence, awnings are readily seen by all and their condition is a reflection on your business. Dirty or neglected awnings reflect badly on your business and can even make it look like you are no longer in business. Fortunately having your commercial awnings cleaned does not have to be a stressful event. Rather than waiting for your awnings to turn black with grime and stains, a program of regularly scheduled awning cleaning and maintenance will not only make the job easier to do, but also make your awnings last longer.

When Is The Right Time?

Much like you proactively wash your clothing even if it is not stained, you want to have your awnings washed in regular intervals even if they show little or no grime buildup and staining. Why? The fabric in your awnings has a protective waterproofing layer that protects the awning fabric from the harsh elements. This is why water beads up and rolls off of brand new awnings. Over time and exposure to the elements this protective layer erodes away and leaves the fabric susceptible to water, dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings and other contaminants. An easy way to tell if your awnings still have this protective barrier is to spray some water on them. If it rolls right off then you are okay, but if it soaks right in to the fabric then the protective coating on your awnings has completely eroded away. When you have your awnings professionally cleaned and treated the protective coating is restored which allows your awnings to last much longer.

J&L Professional Services – Your Local Awning Cleaning Expert

There is no doubt that hiring a pressure washer to clean your awnings can save you time and potentially a lot of money. If you are looking into having your awnings cleaned or would simply like more information about awning cleaning, contact J&L Professional Services today. With more than 15 years cleaning awnings, J&L Professional Services has the experience and tools to make your awnings look like new. Call or contact J&L Professional Services today to schedule your awning cleaning service!

When you drive down a street and see a home that really sparkles, really has that curb appeal, it spiffs up the entire neighborhood. Truth is, maintaining a sparkling clean home is good for several things: property values, neighbor relations and even homeowner pride and satisfaction. But in with today’s demands on our time it is difficult to carve out enough of it in order to properly clean the exterior of one’s home. Not to mention that cleaning is never anyone’s favorite activity. That is where a professional pressure washing company can be of real value.

An Efficient Way To Clean Your Home

The less time a person spends cleaning the more time there is for other activities, like spending time with the family. Durham NC Pressure WashingThis time of year, the exterior of one’s home are prone to the buildup of tree sap, bird droppings (it’s migration time!), dust, and insects. This is besides the normal dirt, mildew, mold and fungus that can accumulate over the summer months. Put it all together and the power washing of the exterior of one’s home can literally take all day! By hiring a professional pressure washing contractor one can shift that burden onto professionals who have the equipment and techniques to pressure wash one’s Garner NC home in a fraction of the time it would talk to clean it oneself. By the time the service is complete, the home will be envy of the entire neighborhood!

The Right Tools For The Job

For over 15 years, the team at J&L Professional Services has been providing superior home pressure washing services. During this time we have encountered all manner of surface and all manner of stain. This wealth of experience means that no matter what you need to have pressure washed be it awnings, sidewalks, your home or driveway we not only have the right tools and the right pressure for the job, but we also have the right technique to get it done right the very first time. Call or contact us today to request your free estimate.

Whether you have been looking for a pressure washing contractor for your home or simply reading the side of a pressure washer’s truck while out driving, you have likely seen references to either high pressure or low pressure types of pressure washing. If you have ever wondered what the difference is then this article is for you.

It’s Not About Dirt

Some people have the impression that high pressure is used on really tough stains like rust while low pressure is used for easy to remove surface dirt. While this statement isn’t entirely wrong it is not focused on the correct usage of pressure. Pressure Washing Raleigh NCWhat determines whether or not a pressure washer uses high or low pressure is not the type of stain or dirt, rather it is the material that is to be cleaned that makes the difference.

Know Your Surfaces

One of the most challenging aspects of pressure washing is to really understand the surface or material that is to be power washed. Each surface has a specific amount of pressure that it can withstand and an optimum amount of pressure for cleaning. For example, concrete (such as a driveway or sidewalk) is a very hard material that often has a textured, porous surface. These ridges of texture and semi-porous surface allow stains like rust and oil to sink deep down into the concrete making them difficult to clean. Using low pressure on concrete will only clean the top most layer, leaving the penetrated dirt or stain behind. Pressure washing with high pressure is appropriate because it allows the water and/or detergents to penetrate below the surface and lift out any dirt or stains without harming the concrete itself. In contrast one would never want to power wash the siding of a home with high pressure as this is simply to strong and would severely damage or destroy the siding. Low pressure on the other hand can thoroughly clean any dirt, mold or mildew from a home yet is gentle enough to be used on all types of exteriors including vinyl, brick and stucco.

The Right Tool For The Job

For over 15 years, the team at J&L Professional Services has been providing superior pressure washing services. During this time we have encountered all manner of surface and all manner of stain. This wealth of experience means that no matter what you need to have pressure washed be it awnings on your store front, sidewalks, your home or driveway we not only have the right tools and the right pressure for the job, but we also have the right technique to get it done right the very first time. Call or contact us today to request your free estimate.

Shotgun & Artillery Fungus

Have you noticed some “tiny black specks” on your siding that looks like insect feces and seems impossible to remove? Those tiny black specks are actually the mature spore masses expelled from the fruiting bodies of fungus known as Sphaerobolus Stellatus.

Shotgun fungus gets its name by firing spore masses in the air for as little as two feet to a maximum distance of thirty feet, speckling siding, down spouts and windows. It is harder to remove these pores the longer they have been in place. However, in most cases we can generally remove about half of the shotgun fungus. The water pressure will usually”skin”the outer surfaces of the spore. This will then leave the spores exposed to the sun, which will then “bleach” them off the siding. There is no product that kills shotgun fungus, but you can keep it at bay. You might consider switching to inorganic mulch, such as stone or pea gravel. Prior to the application of inorganic mulch, we recommend a complete removal of the existing mulch in order to lessen the chance of reoccurrence.


When metal is exposed to rain or humidity, it slowly deteriorates and causes oxidation. A good example of this type of oxidation occurs on your gutters as the aluminum is exposed to the elements of the weather, such as rain, snow etc. The metal starts to stain a grayish film, which during the hotter months of the year bakes onto the gutters.

 Power washing can work wonders on vinyl siding, but does little to remove the oxidation that can be found on most trim and gutters around the home. Nothing short of a long and grueling hand scrubbing will take care of a tough case of oxidation. You can attempt to wash gutters down all day and never succeed at removing any of the oxidation. This is one of the most difficult stains to successfully remove.


Occasionally, when power washing your home a small amount of water will get behind the siding. Hours after we are done and gone, the water will start to make its way onto the exterior surface of your siding. As it drips out, it will usually pull some dirt out with it, resulting in a mark down the side of the home.

There is a simple soultion to this problem, all you have to do is simply give the runoff area a quick spray with the garden hose to rinse away the mark.


Keeping you home clean is important for many reasons. For one, clean building materials simply last longer, meaning your home could last longer without expensive repairs. Also a clean, well maintained home is a point of pride for the owners and the neighborhood; nobody wants to live next door to a dirty home. But keeping the exterior of your home clean is not that easy. There are many surfaces that are tough to clean such as concrete and brick. It is these areas that pressure washing proves extremely valuable.

How Pressure Washing Works

Pressure washing is simply the process of using pressurized water and cleaning products to clean a surface that either cannot be cleaned or could not be cleaned efficiently through traditional methods. In the hands of a professional, pressurized water can dislodge any kind of dirt and grime that can accumulate on brick pavers, sidewalks or concrete driveways. One area where the power of pressure washing can be readily seen is in the driveway.

Achieve Great Results

Driveways tend to accumulate oil and other stains as a result of small leaks from the cars parked on them. These stains are incredibly tough to remove using traditional cleaning techniques. Whereas a home owner may spend an entire day scrubbing their driveway and get minimal results, a trained professional can pressure wash your driveway and, in a small fraction of the time, leave your driveway looking brand new! If pressure washing can remove sunbaked oil stains imagine what it can do for the rest of your home!

Hire A Proven Professional

The water that comes out of a commercial pressure washing machine is under pressure. If used by a novice it can cause great harm to your concrete surfaces and home. In some instances bodily harm can happen. It is best to hire a professional power washer to do the job for you. With ARC Power Washing you’ll be working with a company with years of experience and know how. It is our goal to not only clean your home but to leave your completely satisfied. Why wait? Contact ARC Power Washing today for all your residential pressure washing needs!

ARC Power Washing has been proudly providing both residential and commercial pressure washing services to the Durham Triangle area for over 15 years! As a family owned and operated company, ARC Power Washing understands the immense pride that results from a well maintained home and a job well done. ARC Power Washing operates on the principle that quality pressure washing service, be it commercial or residential, isn’t something that should bust your budget. Therefore when you hire ARC Power Washing you get the peace of mind knowing you are hiring an experienced pressure washer that is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction every time!

Increase Your Curb Appeal - Pressure Washing RaleighWhy should you consider pressure washing? Pressure washing is widely acknowledged as the best way to clean the exterior of your home, sidewalk, concrete or commercial property. Nothing can restore your property back to that “like new” appearance the same way a quality pressure washing can! Pressure washing removes years of dirt, mold, pollen, carbon and other pollutants that can cause damage to exterior surfaces. Regular pressure washing can prevent these pollutants from coming back which means your property will always gleam, raising the curb appeal and potentially the value of your property.

So why choose ARC Power Washing? ARC Power Washing uses state of the art equipment and time tested techniques, along with environmentally friendly products, to make your property look its absolute best. We do all this with your satisfaction in mind. Give us a call and find out why so many turn to ARC Power Washing!

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ARC Power washing provides the following pressure washing services in the Durham / Triangle area:

  • Low Pressure Wash Home Cleaning
  • Vinyl Power Washing Service
  • Biodegradable Power Washing Service
  • Wood Exterior Pressure Washing Service
  • Brick Home Power Washing Service
  • Aluminum Siding Pressure Washing Service
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With the arrival of March we start that inevitable trend of higher temperatures. Before you know it spring will be in full bloom! As spring arrives many people start to think about spring cleaning. Have you considered pressure washing your home this spring? Many Raleigh area homeowners find that this is the optimal time to have their property pressure washed. While this winter was consider mild as compared to winters of the past there was still plenty of precipitation. That precipitation combined with unusually mild temperatures mean that algae growth on concrete surfaces (like your driveways, sidewalks and pavers) and homes has the potential to be much more aggressive this year, a nasty parting gift from old man winter! One way to keep your home looking clean and inviting is pressure washing!

Home Pressure WashingARC Power Washing offers low pressure washing for your home. This is the safest way to power wash your home’s exterior. Spraying a biodegradable house wash that is safe for your family, pets, plants and yard with a low pressure wash guarantees that your homes appearance looks its best. ARC Power Washing also offers pressure washing of your driveway, sidewalk, decks and gutters, making your home completely ready for those summer barbecues!

Scheduling your residential pressure washing service with ARC Power Washing now will ensure that your home and exterior surfaces do not start to succumb to that nasty black and green algae that can drastically reduce the curb appeal of your home.  Say goodbye to Old Man Winter and call today!

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You can’t say you haven’t noticed.  Everywhere you look in Raleigh, there is a new power washing company.  Pressure washing rigs, both new and old, are swarming the streets of Raleigh trying to get a piece of the action.  That’s all well and good, but who should you choose?  What makes the difference between a professional pressure washer and someone who is, well, not professional?  Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a pressure washing company:

  • Experience
    Even though power washing is not rocket science, there is something to be said for experience.  An inexperienced pressure washer can cause untold amounts of damage to your home.  Make sure to ask how long the company has been in business, as well as how long they have been power washing homes.
  • Insurance
    Don’t be afraid to ask if the company is insured.  Their insurance is what protects you in case something goes wrong at your home.  Whether they cause some damage by accident or negligence, you will likely be up the creek if they are not covered.  In addition, some states will hold you responsible for any injury that took place on your property.  If the power washing company does not have insurance, move on to the next one.
  • You Get What You Pay ForDon't Hire This Guy!
    In this economy, many people shop around for the best price before choosing a service company.  However, you must adhere to the age old rule: “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!”.  The cheapest price will most likely lead to the cheapest job.
  • References
    Companies who do a good job have no shortage of happy customers who will rave about them.  Ask for a few.  You don’t need to invest a whole day in interogating them, just ask if they were happy with the power washing service.  Word of caution: Don’t always rely on online reviews.  Happy customers show loyalty by repeating and referring.  Unhappy customers go online and blast.  Just because a company has some negative complaints does not mean that they provide bad service.  Remember, you can’t please everyone.

Your home is your largest investment.  Don’t risk damage!  Follow the guidelines above when choosing a pressure washing company and your experience is sure to be great!

Pressure Washing Raleigh NCI often see sales at Lowes Home Improvement of Home Depot for power washers.  Do-It-Yourselfers love to save a buck by buying the equipment and taking on the task themselves.  After making their purchase, they head home and wait for that perfect Saturday morning to fire up their new power washer and pressure wash their home.  Easy, right?

If you insist on pressure washing your home yourself, we do have a few tips for you.

  1. Don’t Use High Pressure
    High pressure is more likely to damage your home, not clean it.  When a pressure wash is done correctly, high pressure is just not necessary.
  2. Watch That Bleach!
    Yes, bleach kills mold.  It also kills flowers, bushes, trees and anything else your wife may have planted around your home.  A professional grade detergent with a mild bleach solution is best.
  3. Love Your Plants
    If your wife loves gardening, or at the very least loves the greenery around your home, take precautions.  We recommend that you saturate the ground around your plants with water.  This will keep them from absorbing too much chemical.  We also recommend covering tender plants and flowers with a tarp before power washing.

In the event that things don’t turn out quite like you had anticipated (or the wife isn’t happy with the power washing job you did!), give J&L Professional Services a call.  We’ll get everything fixed up for a reasonable price that will even make your better half happy.

Some of the most common mistakes to avoid made by homeowners:

  1. Trying to remove the powdery coating called oxidation on aluminum siding. Removing this coating can cause discoloration and in some cases cause the siding to look like a completely different color.
  2. Using too much pressure can also force water up behind the siding where it will cause mildew behind the siding or in some cases, blow the siding off the house!
  3. Washing the house from the top down or letting chemicals dry on the house, which may leave streaks on the siding.
  4. Using a ladder to clean the upper areas of a house can result in serious injuries and death from slipping off the ladder.

These are the types of mishaps that many people have when attempting to do a quick power washing of their home.


If you decide to use a power washer on your home, here are some general guidelines to use. Make sure the machine you’re using puts out a minimum of 4 gallons of water per minute and less than 1000 PSI. Most homeowners will buy a machine from a hardware store that puts out 1,000 PSI but only uses 2 gallons per minute of water. While this machine may work, it will triple the amount of time to do the job properly.

Be Careful with the Chemicals

Be careful if you’re making your own house washing chemicals. For example, mixing bleach and ammonia can create a poisonous gas. We suggest that home owners buy a siding wash that’s available in most hardware stores and follow the manufacturers guidelines for the product. Leave the stronger agents to the pro’s or you may end up removing the paint along with the dirt!

The best way to clean siding is by using a power washer that has a chemical injector built into the machine. Using a chemical injector will allow you to pull the soap from the container, mixing it in the machine with water and spray it onto the house using low pressure starting from the bottom up. Make sure when using a power washer that you don’t shoot water or chemicals up under the siding, this can cause significant mold problems behind your siding. Allow the chemical to dwell on the siding, then using low pressure, rinse the product from the siding. Make sure when you’re rinsing the product off the siding that you start at one end of the siding all the way to the end. Do not stop or vary your distance from the siding, or it will cause the surface to be cleaned un-evenly.

If your siding has small black dots that do not come off during cleaning but can be scraped off using your finger nail. You probably have artillery fungus on your siding. This can not be removed from the siding without causing damage.

If you decide this project is more than you want to handle on your own,  Just give us a call and we’ll be out there to handle your homes cleaning the right way.