You can’t say you haven’t noticed.  Everywhere you look in Raleigh, there is a new power washing company.  Pressure washing rigs, both new and old, are swarming the streets of Raleigh trying to get a piece of the action.  That’s all well and good, but who should you choose?  What makes the difference between a professional pressure washer and someone who is, well, not professional?  Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a pressure washing company:

  • Experience
    Even though power washing is not rocket science, there is something to be said for experience.  An inexperienced pressure washer can cause untold amounts of damage to your home.  Make sure to ask how long the company has been in business, as well as how long they have been power washing homes.
  • Insurance
    Don’t be afraid to ask if the company is insured.  Their insurance is what protects you in case something goes wrong at your home.  Whether they cause some damage by accident or negligence, you will likely be up the creek if they are not covered.  In addition, some states will hold you responsible for any injury that took place on your property.  If the power washing company does not have insurance, move on to the next one.
  • You Get What You Pay ForDon't Hire This Guy!
    In this economy, many people shop around for the best price before choosing a service company.  However, you must adhere to the age old rule: “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!”.  The cheapest price will most likely lead to the cheapest job.
  • References
    Companies who do a good job have no shortage of happy customers who will rave about them.  Ask for a few.  You don’t need to invest a whole day in interogating them, just ask if they were happy with the power washing service.  Word of caution: Don’t always rely on online reviews.  Happy customers show loyalty by repeating and referring.  Unhappy customers go online and blast.  Just because a company has some negative complaints does not mean that they provide bad service.  Remember, you can’t please everyone.

Your home is your largest investment.  Don’t risk damage!  Follow the guidelines above when choosing a pressure washing company and your experience is sure to be great!

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