Pressure Washing Raleigh NCI often see sales at Lowes Home Improvement of Home Depot for power washers.  Do-It-Yourselfers love to save a buck by buying the equipment and taking on the task themselves.  After making their purchase, they head home and wait for that perfect Saturday morning to fire up their new power washer and pressure wash their home.  Easy, right?

If you insist on pressure washing your home yourself, we do have a few tips for you.

  1. Don’t Use High Pressure
    High pressure is more likely to damage your home, not clean it.  When a pressure wash is done correctly, high pressure is just not necessary.
  2. Watch That Bleach!
    Yes, bleach kills mold.  It also kills flowers, bushes, trees and anything else your wife may have planted around your home.  A professional grade detergent with a mild bleach solution is best.
  3. Love Your Plants
    If your wife loves gardening, or at the very least loves the greenery around your home, take precautions.  We recommend that you saturate the ground around your plants with water.  This will keep them from absorbing too much chemical.  We also recommend covering tender plants and flowers with a tarp before power washing.

In the event that things don’t turn out quite like you had anticipated (or the wife isn’t happy with the power washing job you did!), give J&L Professional Services a call.  We’ll get everything fixed up for a reasonable price that will even make your better half happy.

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