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Roof Cleaning - Important To Structural Integrity

It is an unfortunate fact that many home owners do not seem to realize just how important it is to have professional roof cleaning done on a fairly regular basis. After all, it does not take long for dirt, debris, and other objects to build up on one’s roof and cause damage to it over time. Recently, it has also become increasingly common for insurance companies to send cancellation notices to home with excessively dirty roofs. Fortunately, having roof cleaning done does not need to be a difficult process; all it takes is a call to the right company.

The best way to go about keeping a clean roof is to have it pressure washed at least once per season. This will keep it free of debris and other materials that can build up and lead to damage. And when it comes to professional roof cleaning companies, homeowners can rely on J&L Professional Services to get the job done and to get it done right. J&L Professional Services is a reputable and highly experienced company that services the area of Raleigh and offers fair pricing on all of their roof cleaning services.

So if you want to keep your roof’s structural integrity as high as possible and avoid potentially expensive roofing repair costs down the road, be sure to schedule an appointment in the near future to have your home’s roof professionally cleaned by a dedicated professional from J&L Professional Services today.

Black Streaks from Algae on Your Roof

Black Streaks from Algae on Your RoofIn the Raleigh area, black streaks on roofs are a common sighting.  It’s not only ugly, but also insurance companies are starting to require that you have it removed or they may cancel your homeowner’s policy.

The good news? Your shingles aren’t destroyed, and you don’t need a new roof.  What you have is prehistoric gleocapsa magma, or more commonly known as roof algae.

Below are some common questions we hear about roof algae:

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