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Protect Your Investment with Regular Maintenance

If you are like most Americans, your home will be the most important investment of your life. Maintaining the home’s exterior is essential, not only for curb appeal while reselling, but for preventing minor damage from becoming a costly repair in the future. Buildings that are dirty and ill-maintained are much more than just an eyesore to your neighbors–they bring down propertyProtect Your Investment with Regular Maintenance values for the entire community.

In the humid, sticky summers of North Carolina, mold and algae growth is a constant concern. Roofs and siding can develop unsightly marks from Gloeocapsa
magma, an algae that is especially common in the American Southeast. These patches and streaks originally present with a green-blue tinge, but as the algae dies and decays, these markings turn black. Invasive lichen may grow from the mold and algae deposits, and removal is difficult once established. Left untreated, lichen can worsen the condition of your roof and shorten its longevity.

Pressure washing is one way to remove the build up of the dirt and algae on your home, but a professional opinion is invaluable. A high-pressure power wash can strip your home’s exterior, and incorrect power washing solution can cause roofing to deteriorate prematurely. ARC Power Washing offers low-pressure, biodegradable power washes that keep your home in pristine condition without harming pets or children, and satisfaction is guaranteed. ARC is the premier service in the Triangle area, with over twenty years of experience and the highest customer satisfaction ranking in Raleigh.

Looking for a cost-effective way to reduce your energy bill? If so, then you may want to consider having your home professionally power washed. Many people are under the impression that power washing is only performed for aesthetic purposes. While power washing does indeed enhance the appearance of a home, the process also can reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Power Washing Now Saves Money in the Future

Over time, the sides of a home and the roof may begin to accumulate a lot of mold and algae. Aside from the fact that these contaminates are an eyesore, they also cause your energy bill to quietly escalate. The reason is because the fungus and algae causes the roof to become darkened, which is not a good trait for a roof to have when it comes to keeping a home cool.

In an effort to stay cool, many homeowners are forced to turn up the thermostat to offset the effects of the heat buildup. Even if you do not care about the appearance of your home, you still could benefit from the savings in energy costs.

A contaminated roof is a double-edged sword if you happened to have a roof made of shingles. Algae can eat away at the granules that make up each shingle. The granules are important because they are able to dissipate heat by reflecting some of the sun’s rays. Save yourself a lot of money and stress by having ARC Power Washing clean the exterior of your home. They have the experience and equipment to get the job done without damaging your home’s exterior.



The area around Raleigh, North Carolina has had a very wet spring in 2013 with several severe rainstorms. If you notice water spilling over the front of your gutters during a heavy rainfall and there is not much water flowing out of your downspout, it may be that your gutters are clogged. There are many things that can lodge in your gutters and block the flow of water. In the fall, dead leaves from the surrounding trees frequently congregate in gutters.

In the spring, buds and seedlings fall from the trees and these, too, can land in your gutters. Other debris such as bird’s nests, small sticks and even tennis balls have been known to interfere with efficient drainage from gutters and downspouts.

It’s important to keep your gutters and downspouts working properly to avoid damage to your siding, insulation or garden beds. You can clean your gutters yourself if you don’t mind being in the precarious position of working on a ladder.

A better idea, however, is to use the efficient and reliable gutter cleaning services of ARC Power Washing. Let their gutter cleaning experts handle your blocked gutters and downspouts while you sit back, relax and enjoy clean, free-flowing gutters.