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There are many different systems at work in a modern home and while they all have their importance, there may be none more important than your gutters. The function of your gutters seems straightforward, the move of falling rainwater away from your roof in an orderly fashion. But the significance of what they do is absolutely critical to the long-term integrity of your home. A properly functioning gutter system protects your roof by giving water a place flow. By preventing water from falling freely off of the roof and eroding the soil gutters also protect your foundation.  Gutter Cleaning Clayton NCBecause of this duel role, when your gutters become clogged and do not function properly your home can suffer real damage in little time.

When Do You Need To Clean Your Gutters

During the course of a year your gutters collect much more than just rainwater. Without regular gutter cleaning, your gutter system will accumulate debris such as leaves, pine straw, insects, dirt and minerals. In combination, this debris has a tendency to congeal and clog your gutters, blocking the normal flow of water. Once backed-up, falling rainwater will spill over the sides of your gutters eroding your landscaping and the soil which can cause serious damage to the foundation of your home. As winter sets in, water trapped by the blockage in your gutters will freeze creating even more problems as the added weight of the ice can separate your gutters from the home itself and potentially fall and seriously injure someone. Since debris falls into your gutters all year round the best way to avoid clogged gutters is to have them cleaned out at least once a season.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

At J&L Professional Services our crew of professionals will carefully inspect your gutters and perform gutter cleaning service wherever needed in the Clayton NC area. J&L Professional Services helps you keep your gutters clean of debris and clutter to keep proper water flow. Gutters keep water from falling off your home and around the foundation. Let J&L Professional Services keep your gutters flowing and clear. Call or contact us today to schedule your gutter cleaning!

Clean Your Gutters Every YearHard to believe, but it is almost spring. As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. But before those April showers arrive, it is extremely important that you have your gutters checked and cleaned out. Gutter cleaning is often an overlooked piece of home maintenance, but it is nonetheless extremely important!

While it is ideal to have your gutters cleaned once a season, it is especially important to do so prior to spring. Why? During the fall months dead leaves fall from trees and accumulate in your gutters. There, if not cleaned out, they become frozen over by winter precipitation, which serves to compact the leaves in your gutters. During the spring thaw, the leaves decompose rapidly leaving a thick organic sludge that serves as a mini hoover dam in your gutters. Of course your gutters were never designed to take this weight so when the “April Showers” arrive, the water weight plus the organic sludge can make gutter systems fail. Often times gutters will start to pull off the fascia board, sag, and rust out the bottom. This means expensive repairs!

At J&L Professional Services our crew of professionals will carefully inspect your gutters and perform gutter cleaning service wherever needed in the Cary/Triangle area. We are already taking appointments for this all important part of spring cleaning! Call today to schedule your gutter cleaning!

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