If you have ever laid new concrete then you know what clean concrete is supposed to look like. Clean, fresh and vibrant are all words that can describe it. However concrete areas around your home, such as driveways, walkways, sidewalks and patios, can accumulate dirt extremely fast. Cars, animals and even you deposit dirt and stains onto the surface of the concrete daily. As rain falls and becomes trapped in small crevices in the surface of the concrete they give life to small algae spores within the dirt that have accumulated. Concrete Cleaning Durham NCAlgae, once activated, multiplies rapidly on the surface of concrete. Before you know it, your once white concrete looks like an aged medieval castle wall!

Reclaiming Your Home

Once algae and dirt have a foothold it can be hard to remove them. After all, you are probably still walking and driving on these surfaces which deposit more dirt and spores. What can you do? Pressure washing these areas is recognized as an efficient way to clean concrete. Some homeowners attempt to clean it themselves, but is that the wisest course? Even though concrete is a durable surface it can be permanently damaged by a pressure washing machine if in the hands of the inexperienced. Using the right pressure wash equipment and cleaning detergents is the key to ensure that all your concrete will come clean without damage. By hiring a professional power washer you get a professional that has the equipment and know how to remove algae and dirt from your concrete in an efficient and safe manner.

Durham NC Pressure Washing Experts

Our team of concrete cleaning experts has been eradicating algae and dirt from homes for over 15 years. Not only do we remove contaminants from your concrete surfaces we also remove mold and algae from your siding and fencing as well. If you are tired of seeing algae and dirt on your concrete call or contact J&L Professional Services today for your free estimate!

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