1. Power washing your house every year with J&L Professional Services can not only keep it looking good but can cut the need to repaint as often.
  2. Keeping your home clean by low pressure washing can reduce the risk of rot, mold or termite damage by removing dirt & grind that may hide evidence of these problems.
  3. Power washing is also a good way to prepare a house’s surface for repainting. If you’re lucky, once the siding is clean you may find that you don’t need to paint after all.
  4. If your house does need repainting, ARC Power washing removes not only dirt, mildew and moss but also peeling, flaking and chalking paint.
  5. Pressure washing steel, aluminum, vinyl or wood siding removes grit and dirt that grinds away the surface like sandpaper when it’s agitated by wind or rain.
  6. Using a “soft washing” technique will ensure that your siding isn’t damaged during the cleaning process.  The term “soft wash” refers to slightly more pressure than comes out of a standard garden hose.
  7. Protecting your landscaping is just as important to your curb appeal as cleaning your home.  Making sure you use biodegradable detergents that are safe for the environment will ensure that you don’t kill all the greenery you’ve worked so hard on.  Also, make sure those plants stay saturated with water before, during and after the cleaning.
  8. Staying safe should be a priority on everyone’s list.  Don’t use ladders without proper stabilization or assistance.
  9. Never use a pressure washer on a roof!  Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you’ll likely ruin your shingles at the same time.
  10. Be sure to check window and door seals.  Nothing can put a damper on your hard work like walking into your home finding it full of puddles.

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