We get a lot of requests for our window cleaning service.  For the most part, window cleaning is one of those ‘Spring Cleaning’ items that everyone detests, and therefore, it gets put off until someone decides to either A) ditch the task altogether; or B) hire someone else to do it.  What you don’t realize is, window cleaning can actually save you money and help protect your home.  Here’s how:Window Cleaning Raleigh NC

  • Protect Your Home!
    Glass is a porous surface.   Over time, certain contaminents can permeate the surface and begin degrading your window surface.  We recommend exterior window cleaning twice a year to avoid glass degradation.
  • Heating/Air Efficiency
    When windows remain dirty, contaminents from around your home begin to corrode the surface.  Left unchecked, the harm done to the glass found in your windows can do some serious damage to your heating and air efficiency.
  • Curb Appeal
    Let’s face it, no one wants to buy a house (or visit!) when there is a wad of bird poop plastered on your window.  Get ’em cleaned!
  • The View
    Clean windows give you a portal to view the world without streaks and dirt!

J&L Professional Services offers a convenient, professional window washing service that will save you time and money!

Why Choose J & L Professional Services?

  • Quality

    It’s simple really. We’re not the cheapest. WE’RE THE BEST.

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    Commercially Insured Up To $2,000,000

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    Over 20 Years of Experience & Operated by A National Instructor

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