Deck Restoration, Cleaning & Sealing

You probably don’t think about the wood on your deck very often, but it is actually very important that you consider its condition. The weather in North Carolina is the main factor in the deterioration of your porch or deck. Luckily, there are ways that you can protect it.

There is a constant cycling of temperatures in the area on any given day. Temps can vary as much as 40 degrees. Along with the temperature, moisture can wreak havoc on the wood of your porch. Rain and snow are soaked in by the wood, and it causes it to expand. When the wood dries, it shrinks. This makes your porch or deck susceptible to numerous cracks and splits. ARC Power Washing provides extensive wood restoration services for these conditions and more.

The sun is another culprit that can damage the surface of the wood by making it appear dull and gray. This is a common concern considering North Carolina’s strong sun rays, especially in the summer.

ARC Power Washing can help you protect your deck by scheduling a Deck Cleaning, Staining & Sealing service today. We specialize in eco-friendly cleaning, staining and wood restoration services that will help protect your porch or deck year-round!

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