Get Rid of Unsightly Stains on Your RoofBlack Streaks on Roof

Over time, your home’s roof is susceptible to becoming stained by unsightly black streaks. Not only do these unattractive blemishes ruin the curb appeal of your home, but they can also decrease the overall value of the property. Although some people think that these black roof stains are caused by the presence of mold, they are actually the result of an accumulation of algae. The algae effectively feed on the calcium carbonate that the shingles are made from.

Avoid Algae Build Up

If you notice the appearance of algae, it is of the utmost importance that you have the roof cleaned as soon as possible. The moisture-rich environment of the roof is the perfect breeding ground for more algae to develop. In an effort to rid the roof of the unsightly stains, some people opt to pressure wash the roof. Unfortunately, the destructive process of pressure washing makes a bad situation even worse. High-pressure washing is a poor choice because it ruins the integrity of the roof. The structure of the shingles can become damaged in a matter of minutes.

ARC Power Washing is Here to Help!

The best approach to take is to hire a professional roof washing service. An experienced company such as J&L Professional Services will thoroughly clean your roof without causing any damage. J&L Professional Services has a highly trained staff that makes sure that all of the necessary precautions are taken. After the gentle process is complete, the roof will look like new again, and with ARC Powerwashing, you get a 3-year warranty! Please contact J&L Professional Services with any further questions or concerns.

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