Bad Pressure Washer Bad!

Don't Hire This Guy!

With continued problems in the economy there have been a lot of new “fly by night” pressure washing companies that have surfaced in the Raleigh area recently. How can you choose the best pressure washing company so that your hard earned dollar doesn’t go to waste?

As with any contractor, when shopping for a pressure washer, the first thing to look for is testimonials. Any reputable pressure washing company will have testimonials. See what others are saying about the company. If it is not good, can you rightly expect good results?

Also do not base your decision solely on the absolutely lowest price. Pressure washing involves shooting water at sometimes high pressures at your most valuable possession. In the hands of an inexperienced person, this can cause severe damage or injury. Do you really want to entrust your home to the lowest bidder? Rather, look for professionalism, quality, knowledge and appearance.

Lastly, while not every job requires a big, expensive, skid-mounted pressure washer. You should be concerned if a pressure washing contractor arrives at your home with the same 2 gallon per minute pressure washer that you almost bought yourself at the home improvement store! Consumer grade equipment might indicate the use of consumer grade cleaners which are not as effective at lower pressures as commercial grade cleaners. Besides, why pay someone to do the exact same thing you could?

ARC Power Washing has been proudly serving the Raleigh/Triangle NC area for over 15 years! Our client testimonials speak for themselves. Call us today (919) 889-0733 and experience our world class service for yourself.

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